Customer Reviews

I know that the thought of using an online session drummer on your songs for the first time can feel a bit risky so here are some comments from some of my happy customers;
“Dirk’s playing style perfectly suits my music. He provides excellent drum tracks that lift my songs to a new level. I recommend him!” – David Minarik, Musician – Czech Republic 
“I LOVE IT!! Rock solid, straight forward, pulls the song along when I get lazy. The drum-fill in the lead break is astounding. I’m going to have to write more songs with drums in mind. Your vibe and attitude are priceless! I wish I could pay you more!” Chris C, UK songwriter contest semi-finalist
“I really like the responsiveness from Dirk. He’s easy to work with and has a quick turnaround. The end result is definitely a professional drum track. I will use Dirk services again for sure… (used Dirk for an uptempo but mellow indie rock song)” Carl D. Songwriter – San Diego

“Dirk provided a very quick turnaround and nailed a perfect drum sound and arrangement that fit the demo beautifully! He is very polite, professional and prompt in his communication. The mixed drum tracks that he provided were well balanced. The samples he uses on his midi drum files provide a realistic tone making it sound exactly likely a professionally recorded real drum kit! The drum stems he provided were comprehensive, even including 2 room mics, which is a real bonus given that they were midi drums. I would highly recommend Dirk to anyone looking for professionally recorded drums!”              Ahjay Stelino. Songwriter / Musician – New Zealand

“Hi Dirk. Thanks for getting this to me so soon, it sounds REALLY good. Thanks.” Simon. Guitarist, UK

 “Dirk provided drums with exactly the right arrangement and feel for my song. Turned it around within a couple of days. I’ll definitely be back for more”    David Kingston. Songwriter – UK

“Thanks Dirk, Nice doing business. I’ll be calling on you again!”- Martin. Guitarist and 1st time covers customer, UK

“having worked with many drummers from all over the world I was incredibly pleased with how closely I got to work with dirk on my tracks. Having drum takes redone and edited within a matter of hours is essential for the creative minded and is very rarely available at such a affordable price”     Isaac Masih. Songwriter

“Thanks to Dirk’s professionalism we were able to meet our production deadline. He is a skilled and efficient drummer and a great communicator. Highly recommended”   Tony. Producer – Kent, UK

” Dirk made it possible for me to feel limitless, I now feel like I can accomplish anything I want without having to rely on a local session drummer or pre programed loops. With Dirk I know I am getting quality and the feel that you can only get with a human and the freedom of control that comes with a midi track. Armed with Toontrack’s Superior Drummer 2.0 and Dirk The Drummer, I have the tools to write and record in total freedom without breaking the bank.  A true innovator and top shelf musician, Dirk is way ahead of the competition and is my #1 goto for drums from now on!”  Rosario. Musician – New Jersey, USA

“Dirk… I Don’t Want To Blow You’re Trumpet Too Much … But You Are Just Amazing… Thanks Man..! Very fast and professional. It took me a whole day to do that percussion as I don’t normally use it, but yours sounds great…  The whole track is great. You are definitely the go to man to get professional drums done.” Billy Clegg – Songwriter, UK

“Like many I have tons of Midi files, and even custom Midi creation software. As a Guitarist I was spending hours trying to create a cover song utilizing these tools, which was exceedingly difficult, and very time consuming. I contacted Dirk and received a demo much faster than I expected. The result was much better than anything that could be produced using static Midi loops, and gave me the tempo waver and timing that gives the track feel and life. Dirks ability and drumming style is spot on, and he is only satisfied once your drum track is the way you want it to be. Never again will I be wasting time trying to create a drum track, when I can just contact Dirk and have what I need, a professional, personalized, polished Drum track, beyond anything I could have created.
Highly recommended”   Todd- Guitarist, California 

“Dirk provided drums for six of my tracks, and they were so spot on, style and sound wise, that not a single edit or tweak was needed. He provides a first class service, combined with great, stylish playing. Wouldn’t go anywhere else for my beats, or even think about midi files/loops in the future…..Your tracks deserve his playing” Glyn Morall – UK Songwriter


Now using Superior Drummer 2.0!!

Now using the phenomenal Roland TD-20 electronic drum kit!

Superior Drummer 2.0 is the professional drum sampler flagship from Toontrack Music.

With its excellent sounding sample-engine, its phenomenal realistic room sounds and its unrivaled extensive feature-list, it truly sets the industry standard in contemporary digital drum production.